Spring Blog Hop with Pickle Toes Patterns!

Welcome to Sew into Spring with Pickle Toes Patterns. Join us for 5 days of sewing our patterns as we prep for the transition from winter to spring. We were lucky enough to have 10 bloggers join us sewing up lovely creations and to have Evelyn at Seweird Fabric sponsor our bloggers and offer us a store credit for one of our lovely readers. You can find Evelyn on Facebook here. At the end of the tour join us for a rafflecopter giveaway featuring a $20 credit from Seweird and a $20 shop credit from us.


Welcome from Pickle Toes Patterns!
Liza Azman- Miinomastudio, Night Night Gown


Brittni Harris- PBJ* BoutiquePickled Tink
Chelsea Newey- Momma Newey’s Makes, Pickled Tink and All Seasons Top and Dress


Kathy Bruckman- Kathy’s Kwilts and more, Capsule Wardrobe


Kelly Keith- Kelly’s Sewing Creations, Spring Mini Capsule
Jessica Cotriss- Jot Designs, All Seasons Top and Dress
Nadine- Feebricolo, Lazy Days Shorts


Laurie Roberts- Make It Sew with the Bear and Pea Atelier, GiGi’s Bowtiful Top with , Skirt Add On
Becca Olsen- Turtle Trax Too, All Seasons Top and Dress
Tee Bee- Fairytale B&T, Safari Tank

As a thank you for joining us for our Sew into Spring with PTP, make sure to enter the Giveaway HERE!


Are you ready?!  I am!

I am so excited to be doing this blog tour for PTP- I have known Kellie for a loooong time.  I’ve tested quite a few patterns for her, and I think that all three of my kids have modeled and/or tested for her at some point over the last decade or so!

Here’s Mr B in the Fried Pickles Tee (long sleeved version)…

Don’t you love his ‘Chip and Dale’ pose?

And here’s little Miss G in the Daisy Pinafore and Seedling Bloomers

That little tushy shake is great!

There are so many more, but today I’m going to focus on one of Pickle Toes Patterns’ newer patterns- Pickled Tink!

I decided that since Miss G loves to twirl, I was going to figure out how to make Pickled Tink as twirly as I possibly could!  To do that, I swapped out the gathered skirt that the pattern calls for and opted for a slightly gathered full circle skirt instead.  I also used a single layer of sweet pink stretch lace for the bolero instead of the lined version included in the pattern.


Recognize that fabric?  Yup.  Miss G has been BEGGING for a dress to match Miss A’s Elianna, and this was the perfect pattern for it!

Keep reading on to see some simple steps that you can take to imitate this look…

To start with, you’ll create the bodice just as the pattern is written.  Once it’s completed, set it aside for a bit and lay your remaining fabric on your cutting table, folded selvedge to selvedge.

Measure the bottom edge of your front bodice piece and use the following formula to calculate the radius of your top (the smaller) half circle:  (front bodice length) / 3.14

My front bodice measured 12″, making my radius 4.82″, which I rounded up to 5″.  I decided that I wanted a little bit of extra volume to the skirt to give it more twirl power, so I added 1″ to that, making my final radius 6″.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering what we’re going to do with that number…

With your fabric folded and selvedges touching, cut a straight edge on the top of your fabric.  Then place your ruler at the folded corner, measure down the folded side of the fabric 6″ (but use your radius number, not mine!), and make a small cut.  Keeping the ruler at that folded corner, rotate it a small amount, measure down 6″, and make another small cut.  Continue in this manner until you have reached the top edge of the fabric that you cut straight earlier.

This is what your fabric will look like when you finish this step:


Still not quite sure how to do it?  I’ve made a little video to help you along.  Just click on the screenshot below and take a few seconds to watch!


Next, check the pattern and find the length for the skirt pieces for your size/length.  I’m working on a size 3T, and I need my skirt pieces to be 16″ in length.

This time we need to measure down from the cut edge of the half circle we just finished.

Make a small cut at the length found in the chart in the pattern.  Then continue moving your ruler along the smaller cut circle and making small cuts at the end until you have reached the straight edge of the fabric.


Using your rotary cutter or scissors, ‘connect’ all of your small cuts until you have reached the edge.


Now you should have a piece that looks like a quarter of a donut!20180416_5

When you unfold your fabric, you will end up with half of a donut!

But who wants just half a donut?!  Let’s make a whole donut, shall we?

You’re going to do the whole thing one more time, until you have two complete half circles.  Before unfolding your fabric pieces, mark the center of each with a pin.  This will come in handy later.

Now you’ll continue along with the pattern as it’s written.  There are no more changes that need to be made to the dress portion.

**Hint: If you are using a satin fabric, as I was, I highly recommend putting a small dab of Fray-Check or glue at the thinnest point of the ‘V’ when creating the continuous band/placket in the skirt.


Ready for the bolero?  You will need enough lace to cut out your pattern pieces, about 2 yards of 1/4″ satin ribbon, and matching thread for the needle and bobbin.

Start by cutting two fronts (mirror images) and one back.


Sew the shoulder seams according to the pattern.  Leave the bolero wrong side out!  Then lay a piece of ribbon along the top edge of the shoulder seams, with the front of the bolero facing up.  Heat seal the ribbon ends and use pins or clips to hold it in place.  Repeat for the other shoulder.

Take the piece to the sewing machine.  Fold the seam allowance toward the back of the bolero.  Starting at the outer edge of the ribbon, stitch the ribbon and seam allowance to the shoulder.  Then stitch the other edge of the ribbon as well.  Repeat for the other shoulder.

It will look like this from the inside…


And like this from the outside…

Sew the side seams, then turn your bolero right side out.

Now take your ribbon and line up one end just slightly beyond the side seam on the bottom of the sleeve, on the RIGHT SIDE (outside) of the fabric.  Pin or clip in place.


Continue pinning/clipping the ribbon to the edge of the sleeve opening until your ribbon overlaps about 1/2″.


Stitch along the INSIDE edge of the ribbon all the way around.


Now fold the edge of the sleeve opening to the inside, so the ribbon is all on the inside of the sleeve, and the sleeve fabric extends just slightly beyond the ribbon (maybe 1/16″).  Pin or clip in place all the way around the sleeve opening.


With the sewing machine, stitch the other edge of the ribbon in place all the way around.  This will create a finished sleeve opening!  Repeat for the other sleeve.

Using the same process as we did for the sleeves, we will now finish the remaining raw edges of the bolero with one continuous piece of ribbon.

Start by securing the ribbon at the bottom of one of the side seams.  Then continue to pin or clip all the way around until you come back to where you started.  Overlap the ends by about 1/2″, and clip/pin in place.

Sew as previously- first sew the inside edge of the ribbon on the right side of bolero, then fold ribbon to the wrong side and pin/clip in place, finally sew the remaining edge of the ribbon on the wrong side of the fabric to finish the edges.

Steam gently or use a pressing cloth to help your edges lay nice and neat.


You’re done!  Ta-daaa!!!


This is such a versatile pattern!  I can’t wait to do so much more with it.  Really, I already have two more cut!

I hope you enjoyed this little ‘pattern hack’, and I hope you join us all week for PTP’s Spring Blog Tour!!!

If you love Miss G’s sweet little lace tea gloves, check back in tomorrow for a free pattern and tutorial to make your own!  They are so much fun!


Bye for now from me and Miss G!



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