Darby and Josephina- beautiful friends- a pattern test

I have been having so much fun with pattern testing lately, I just can’t get over all the cuteness that’s going around!

This past month, I had the extreme pleasure of working with Tiffany (one of the amazing pattern designers for Create Kids Couture) on not one, not two, but THREE separate patterns!

Today, I’ll introduce you to two of these patterns (the third one is coming soon, I promise- but make sure you read all the way to the end for a sneak peek of that one!).

First, let’s check out Darby!  This is one of the patterns from CKC’s first-ever Spring Pattern Collection!!  She’s a knit tank top with a gathered front, and she can be made in full length or in a cropped length!  Tiffany’s instructions are clear, the pattern pieces have been tested (and tested again, and retested!) to make sure that each and every size is a perfect fit, and the final results are just so much FUN!

I had the pleasure of making this top for both Miss A and Miss G, and there are very few tops that both the 11 year old and the 3 year old can agree are ‘awesome’!

Miss A has one in full length…


And one in cropped length!


I can promise you that she loves both equally (even though- after much discussion- she’s still not allowed to wear the cropped one to school)!

The full-length top was made with a slinky polyester-rayon knit and a solid jersey lining, and the cropped length was made with a see-through hacci sweater knit and a solid jersey lining.  She swears they are both her new favorite tops.

Miss G only has one Darby so far, but she loves it and wants more!

Hers is a cropped length top (because she wanted her belly button to show, like her big sister’s- Lordy Lordy am I in trouble with this girl!!!), made from a stretch lace with a solid jersey lining.


While I have absolutely no idea what both of my girls found so interesting over on their left sides, I do know that they both love these shirts.  They can’t wait for summer so they can wear them every day!

There are so many options for bottoms to go with the Darby top (how cute would the cropped version look with a pair of cut-off jean shorts?!), but we have found that CKC has another pattern that just goes perfectly.

And it’s another one approved by the preschooler and the middle schooler!

Here is Josephina!


Isn’t she amazing?

Tiffany has given us yet ANOTHER wardrobe must-have, and it can be made in either knit fabrics (I did one in a brushed poly knit for the floral and a regular jersey knit for the blue one) or in a non-stretch woven fabric such as a rayon, lace, or chiffon.  Directions are included in the pattern for hemming the woven fabrics and for making a seam that won’t fray- even without a serger!

I love the hanky-style hemline, and the simplicity of putting this skirt together will really just blow your mind.

I’m not kidding.  This floral one in brushed poly took me longer to cut (because the fabric kept sticking to itself!!) than it did to sew up!  The total time from the start of cutting to trying it on was still under an hour for this one.

The yoga-style waistband is a huge draw too!  Some of the testers found that it could be worn as a dress if the waistband is unfolded and pulled up to the armpits.  So versatile!

There’s even an option to line the skirt (either for modesty if you’re using a more sheer fabric such as a lace or thinner rayon, or for kids who can’t seem to help but expose their tushies to the world like this one…)!


Josephina in the smaller size took me about half an hour to cut and sew, and took just under a yard of fabric.  I did have to brush up on my video-game skills and play a bit of Tetris with the pattern pieces to get them all on my (non-directional!!!!) fabric, but it was well worth it!

**Please do note that if your fabric is directional or this is your first time making a Josephina, buy according to the chart in the pattern!  There’s nothing more frustrating than not having enough fabric for a project!  I was challenging myself to use a leftover piece from another project, and it just happened to work.**


Do you know anyone would could resist a skirt as twirly as this one????

Head on over to the Create Kids Couture website RIGHT NOW, where you will find Darby’s Knit Gathered Tank, available in sizes 2T through 14, and the rest of CKC’s Spring Pattern Collection (just look for the gorgeous Art Gallery fabrics on the cover photos)!

Josephina’s Hanky Hem Skirt was released yesterday, so you can now find it on the CKC Patterns website in both girls’ sizes (2T-14) AND womens’ sizes (XXS to 4X)!!  Hooray!


Bye for now from me, Miss G, and Miss A- our newest cover model!

Oh!  And, as promised, here’s a tiny sneak peek of Tiffany’s third pattern that we were chosen to test…  This one is a sweet, vintage-style dress, and I can’t say enough good things about it!  Miss G already has FIVE hanging in her closet!



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