Hot Air Balloonin’- FREE printable planner stickers

This past summer, I went to a free class at our brand-spankin’-new Michael’s Craft Store.  It was a planner decorating class.  I brought my datebook- the same one I’d been using since college- thinking that this class would give me some ideas on how to ‘pretty it up’ a little bit.

Instead, I left with an 18-month MAMBI Happy Planner, a handful of washi tape rolls, and a pile of sticky notes.

The rest is history.

And it’s all recorded in my Happy Planner, which has been attached to my side since August.  I never leave home without it!

I have been loving all of the free printable weekly stickers I’ve been able to find, and finally decided to try my hand at making my own.

These are rough, I’m not gonna lie.  It’s my first try.  But I do plan on doing more, so I will get better at it!

I have this fabric…


But when I pulled it out of my scrap bin to make a dress for Miss G, something told me that it *NEEDED* to be in my planner!  It was just so bright and happy!


So now it will be!

Go ahead and click on the download link below the photo to get your free printable weekly stickers (sized for the regular Happy Planner)!

**Please note that the colors you see on your screen may vary a bit from the colors that actually print due to differences in monitor calibrations!**



Hot Air Balloonin’ weekly stickers for Happy Planner, by PBJ*Boutique, DOWNLOAD

I’d love to see your planner spreads using these stickers, or leave me a comment with requests for the next set!



3 thoughts on “Hot Air Balloonin’- FREE printable planner stickers

    1. This will fit the Classic Happy Planner. I scanned my fabric into my photo editing software and pulled the colors out. Then I digitized the balloons and filled them in. The rest of the graphics were created from the color scheme and digitized to match.


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