Dublin Dolman by New Horizons- pattern test

Miss A and I were recently chosen to test out a new pattern created by Terra over at New Horizons Designs.  I have to be very picky about what patterns we test in her size lately, because now that she’s in Middle School, she doesn’t wear a whole lot of handmade anymore.


This pattern, however, is absolutely perfect for the tween set!  It has so many options- short sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, long sleeves, banded or unbanded sleeves, waistband, tall waistband, or no waistband, hi-low hem, straight hem, tunic length…  You name it, you can do it with this top!


I present to you…

The Dublin Dolman!!




This was our first version- it’s the banded short sleeved version with a hi-low hemline.  We used a really thin poly/cotton blend knit, but Miss Middle School LOVES it (and actually wore it to school the next day!).




For the next version, Miss A pulled this sparkly sweater knit out of the cabinet.  I’d had it for years, bought it from the Red Tag section at Joann’s because it was my favorite colors, but never really knew what to do with it.  She had found a picture online of a top that only came in sizes for smaller girls and asked if we could do something like it.  So we dug out this matching shimmery stretch lace, and got to work…


Our second Dublin Dolman came out just as cute as the first, if not cuter!!!



This time, we went with the tunic version, but cut both the front and the back sweater pieces at the line for the front of the hi-lo version, and then added the lace to make up the rest of the length!  For the sleeves, we used the lace instead of the sweater knit, and voila!  Another completely tween-appropriate (and school-wearable!) top!




So much fun, that she wore this one to school a few days later too!!!


Then we were hooked!


Onto version #3!!!  This time, it was for little Miss G.  We searched around in the fabric cabinets, and ended with a patterned jersey fabric that didn’t have a lot of stretch so I’d never used it for anything else and a few little pieces of purple interlock we pulled out of the scrap bin.

We opted for long sleeves with the banded sleeve option and the hi-low hem.

Could this be any cuter?!


It’s even great for squirrel-spotting!



Don’t you just love that hi-low hemline??


Version number 4 was also for Miss G.  We went with the long sleeves again, because after all, it is ‘almost winter’ here in Upstate NY.

**Side note- for those of you not familiar with my neck of the woods, we do have four seasons, but they are said to not be the same ones that our more southern-dwelling friends experience.  Up here, we have ‘almost winter’, ‘winter’, ‘still winter’, and ‘road construction’.  Yeah.  That pretty much sums it up!!**


In addition to the long sleeves, we went with the banded bottom and the POCKETS!!!

Yes, pockets.

Every 3 year old needs somewhere to put their treasures, right?



Then we moved on to our 5th and 6th Dublin Dolmans.

For Miss A and her American Girl doll, Marie Grace, we chose this super-soft brushed cotton jersey houndstooth and a solid black cotton-lycra.  This time, she chose a tunic with 3/4 sleeves and pockets.

So that’s what she got!



Marie Grace got a 3/4 sleeve tunic as well.  There is a pocket option for the dolls, but I decided not to do it (since, you know, dolls don’t have a whole lot of stuff to put in pockets).



Paired up with black leggings and some black hi-tops, this is the perfect outfit for anything and everything!

Even for Middle School!!



Since the pattern has released, I’ve made at least half a dozen more of these Dublin Dolmans, and no two are alike!

It’s such a versatile pattern, with so many included options, that you will never run out of possibilities.  Even just changing up the fabrics (like we did with the sweater knit and the lace) can make it look completely different!

This pattern goes up to size 16, and includes a doll version that is meant for 18″ dolls, but does fit our 15″ dolls as well!  We discovered (completely by accident!) that the tunic version with the gathered bodice works as a really sweet nightgown for Bitty Baby.  This one is made from a slinky poly-blend with only a 2-way stretch and a pink ruffle elastic trim.



On top of all of the options, each Dublin Dolman took me roughly half an hour to make.  Some of them even less (like the ones that are the simple hi-low hemline and short sleeves), and some just slightly more (like the sweater and lace, mostly because of the piecing fabrics together).

And it is DEFINITELY tween-approved!


So head over to New Horizons Designs to grab your copy of the Dublin Dolman now!!

And while you’re at it, join Terra and the rest of the New Horizons crew on their Facebook page so you can check out more photos and hear about more upcoming pattern releases and sales as well!



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