Potty Training and Bitty Baby Panties Tutorial

We are smack in the middle of the hell joy of potty training here at my house.  Miss G is 22 months, but she has decided that she’s big enough to no longer wear diapers.  And she drags her little ladybug potty all over the house with her.


To motivate her, I decided to hop online and find some panties for her Bitty Baby.  I thought it would be a simple task.


Boy, was I wrong!


There are patterns, tutorials, and listings galore for panties that will fit the American Girl dolls, but none for Bitty Baby!!!  I tried making up a quick pair of the AG ones, only to find that they do NOT fit Bitty.  She has a much more, um, ample tushie.


So I did what any crazy mommy potty training a stubborn not-yet-2-year-old would do (other than clean the peepee off the floor).


I made my own pattern, and whipped up a few pairs of panties for Miss G’s baby!


Here is the tutorial and the free pattern!  Feel free to comment and let me know how you like the pattern/tutorial.  Send me photos (or post them on my Facebook page!) if you use the pattern yourself!


Ready?  Here we go!





Materials needed:

Scraps of knit fabric (cotton lycra works best to hold shape, but others will work fine as well)

Scraps of pretty elastic OR 2/3 yard of ¼” elastic

Sewing machine



Pattern piece found HERE


(optional: serger, rotary cutter, cutting mat)

**Please note: I did use a serger on my seams, but you can just as easily use your regular sewing machine set to a longer straight stitch or a tight zigzag!**



Step 1:  Print out the pattern piece.  Make sure you print it with no scaling, and use the 1” test square to ensure it printed out the right size.



Step 2:  Dig through your scrap bin (or um, scrap pile?) and find a piece that’s approximately 9.5” x 7.5”.


And while you’re at it, dig through those pretty ruffly elastics and grab a few that match your scrap piece of fabric!



Step 3:  Lay the pattern piece out on the fabric, making sure your fabric stretches in the correct direction.




Step 4:  Cut your fabric with scissors or your rotary cutter.




Step 5:  Cut your elastic pieces as follows:

2 pieces at 6.5” for the legs

1 piece at 9.5” for the waist




Step 6:  With your sewing machine set to a longer zigzag (I usually do just a few notches past where the machine normally sets it), stitch the smaller elastic pieces to the RIGHT side of the fabric legs.  Pin at the beginning and the end if needed.  You will be stretching the elastic slightly to get it long enough to reach all the way from end to end.




Step 7:  Repeat for the other leg.




Step 8:  Fold the elastic to the inside of the leg and, using the same length of zigzag stitch, sew it down.  You have just created a finished edge on the outside of your panty legs.




This is what it should look like at this point.



Step 9:  With right sides together, pin one side of the panties at the side seam, matching the elastic at the leg opening.




Step 10:  Sew or serge the side seam, using ¼” seam allowance.  If you use your regular sewing machine, be sure to use a longer straight stitch (I set mine at about 3-3.5) or a tight zigzag.  Remove the pins as you go- don’t sew over them (that’s a bad idea!!!!)!




Step 11:  Get your longer (waist) elastic piece, and pin it evenly across the right side of the top of the panties.  I pin at the beginning, the end, and one more in the middle to make sure I stretch it evenly.

** If you are using regular elastic, pin to the WRONG side, and then fold over to the inside and topstitch like we did for the legs! **




Step 12:  Using the same stitch as you did for the legs, sew your waist elastic to the top of the panties.




Step 13:  With right sides together, line up the remaining raw edges and pin.  Be sure to match up the leg elastic and waist elastic.




Step 14:  Sew or serge this side seam using ¼” seam allowance.




You could be done now, but I like a slightly more finished seam (yeah, I know, I’m even OCD about dolly clothes!!!!).  If you’d like to stop now, go for it!  If you’d like to see how I finish, keep reading.


Finishing:  Folding the seam allowance to the back side of the panties, sew a few long stitches about 1/8” away from the seam.  I do this at the waist and at both of the leg openings in matching thread.


NOW you’re done!!!  Voila!  Bitty Baby can now be potty trained just like her ‘mommy’!



Please leave me some feedback and let me know how you like this tutorial!  I’d love to do more in the future!



One thought on “Potty Training and Bitty Baby Panties Tutorial

  1. Genius! My twin 27mo girls are almost to the point of potty training hard core. I bet these would fit their toy monkeys! Thanks for whipping up a pattern!


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