Tinkerbell Baby by Made for Mermaids- pattern test

Oh my gosh, could this be any cuter??!!


I had the opportunity to test a pattern created by Megan over at Made for Mermaids and even little Miss G loved it!

Megan had this sweet Tinkerbell pattern, from her ‘Everyday Princess’ line, available already in older girls’ sizes.  Now you can get it in baby sizes as well!  (Just click on the pattern cover below and it will take you right to the Made for Mermaids website!)


We tested the size 12-18m, and the fit was perfect on Miss G.  She typically wears about an 18-24m in store sizes, but I have noticed that she tends to fall more into the 12-18m range for custom patterns.  This particular pattern is more of tunic/top length (which is perfect for crawlers and diaper changing), and comes with a bonus pattern for little bloomers to wear underneath.

The top is a peasant style with an overlay, a fun bandana style skirt, and an optional sash that ties in the back.  We chose to do ours in ‘fancy fabrics’ (chosen by Miss A, of course!) so it can go on the dress-up clothes rack to be Miss G’s first dress-up item of her very own!  My suggestion if you choose to use satins/organzas/anything other than cotton woven fabrics, is to measure very carefully, don’t skip the stay stitching, and PIN PIN PIN!!!!  The more pins you use, the better your finished result will be!

The pattern is well-written, well-drafted, and well-fitting, and Megan just did an amazing job taking that larger pattern and re-working it to fit the babies as well.  You will find plenty of photos to help you along and step by step instructions to guide you through making a fun little outfit for a special little girl.

Right now, you can get the whole pattern bundle (Girls’- sizes 1/2 through 8, Baby- sizes newborn through 18-24m, and Dolly- sizes 15″ and 18″) for only $12!  Or purchase only the Girls or Baby pattern for $5 each or just the Dolly pattern for $4.  This introductory sale will only run through July 5th, so grab it while you can from Made for Mermaids!

Miss G had a lot of fun playing Tinkerbell.  Can’t you tell?

20150627_18-2 20150627_17-2 20150627_14-2

Oh!  One more thing- those cute little sandals on Miss G’s chubby little toddler feet?  Look for a tutorial next week on how to make them!  I’ve had so many requests to make them for other people, or for me to teach people how to make them, so I’ve decided to create a tutorial so everyone else can make them too!

As always, a big thank you to my awesome eldest Miss A for helping me get everything set up to take photos of Miss G and ESPECIALLY for keeping her little sister entertained and happy during the photo shoot (yup, there were bubbles involved again, look closely in the pictures and you may spot one or two!)!!


And then we were done.



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