Banana Pudding by Candy Castle Patterns- pattern test

Miss A was so excited to get a chance to help with a pattern test!  We worked on this new Summer top/dress pattern from Candy Castle Patterns, and it was just awesome.


This Banana Pudding pattern is halter style and made for knit fabrics, which makes it a great go-to for summer!

We chose the option for the top (but there is a dress version in the same pattern), and Miss A says it’s super-comfy and fits her well.  You can use either fabric or ribbon for your tie, which gives you so many more options for different combinations!  Click on the pattern cover below and it will take you directly to the website where the pattern will be available starting early next week.


The top sews up very quickly (it took me about 20 minutes to cut pieces and sew!) and is great for beginners and those new to sewing with knits.  I recommend using a knit with a little bit of lycra.  The lycra will help your finished top or dress to keep the shape you want it to have, and it will be easier to steam the seams back flat after sewing them.

Miss A will be wearing hers for our annual Independence Day celebration, and I did make a coordinating dress for Miss G as well!  Here are a few of our photos!

20150624_9-2 20150624_25-2      20150624_39-2

For Miss G, I made a bit of a modification, and I will be posting a tutorial next week to show how I turned the pattern into this cute little twirly dress!  Stay tuned!

DSCN0836-1 DSCN0853-1

Thanks so much to Miss Rebecca of Candy Castle Patterns from Miss A!



2 thoughts on “Banana Pudding by Candy Castle Patterns- pattern test

  1. I have the pattern and I’ve just picked and pre washed the prints for a top. The dress with the circle shirt is really cute!! Did the tutorial get posted somewhere?


    1. I actually haven’t had a chance to post it yet! We have had such a crazy busy summer so far, and we are away again at the moment! Hopefully I will get the tutorial up next week, so check back for it!


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